What we offer

Industrial Ceramics, enjoying decades of experience, is proud of providing a large variety of products and services mainly in the field of tubesheet protection. We supply ferrules (completed with paper and gasket) to a very large range of Industrial plants, mainly Sulphur Recovery Units (Reaction Furnace and Incinerator), Sulphuric Acid Plants and so on. As a part of our technical services, by carefully studying your plant conditions and parameters, we make sure to provide you with the right ferrule design for your specific application. Our services also include troubleshooting for boiler-related problems; in-depth thermal studies including CFD’s, and last but not least, installation assistance and supervision.

Ceramic Ferrules
WHB Tubesheet Protection

Industrial Ceramics supplies a full range of custom boiler protection tubes (ferrules) and custom insulting gaskets for use in high temperature boiler. Some typical ferrule designs are listed here. Also included is the patented two component hexagon ferrule which is used to replace the cartable required with more conventional designs.

This design is proven superior and has been widely used since 1980. Benefits such as ease of installation, improved and efficient maintenance and state-of-the-art design has made this type of ferrules a favorite for most users. Contact Industrial Ceramics technical support to see if this design is right for you.

Air Distributor
Grid Nozzles

Industrial Ceramics Limited supplies fully vitreous alumina and special AMZ material ceramic nozzles for FCC air distributor grids. The AMZ material is unique to the Industrial Ceramics and has been specifically developed for high abrasion and thermal shock environment. Out technical experts can help you decide which material and design is most suitable based on your unit operating conditions

Gaskets & Mortar

Gaskets are essential in ferrule applications to ensure precise installation, and maximum insulation during operation. Industrial Ceramics manufactures gaskets, sleeves, wraps, donuts and rope for each application out of a range of materials.

In addition, a recent addition to our line of product is mortar for two part ferrule installation. Our goal is to minimize worksite time and difficulty by providing a complete installation package.

Thermal Analysis

The way Industrial Ceramics has developed a large number of loyal customers is by providing excellent service with extensive knowledge of applications. We have developed computer software which allows us to model the thermal profile in a tube sheet refractory layer. From this we can make reliable recommendations to our customers about which style of ferrule and combination of gaskets is best suited to their application. To date we have done hundreds of such profiles for sulphur recovery units worldwide. One member of our technical support staff has been touted by one of our customer as being the most ‘non-ceramics’ person in the ceramics industry due to the skill level she was able to demonstrate in the field of sulphur recovery.