Datec Coating Corporation

Datec Coating Corporation specializes in solving engineering problems using its proprietary, unique ceramic coating process. Fusing a hard ceramic layer to a metal component can increase its hardness, improve its corrosion and wear resistance or increase its service temperature. The Datec Process(TM) is a cost effective paint technique in which ceramic layers are spray deposited and then fired at low temperatures (400°C). Existing ceramic coating methods are either too expensive or produce low quality ceramic composite materials and are not able to service a great many applications. Datec's process provides ceramic materials comparable to those produced by expensive methods but at a cost comparable to the composite methods.

Datec offers coatings for a variety of different applications. Specifically these include: corrosion and erosion coatings for piston and plunger water pump components, thermally insulating coatings for automotive and aerospace

applications, dielectric layers for electronic applications and non-stick surfaces for the polymer processing and cookware/bakeware industries.

For more information, please contact David Barrow at tel: (905) 876-1999; fax: (905) 878-3143 or e-mail:

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