Industrial Ceramics Limited has been specializing in the manufacture of refractory boiler tube inserts (ferrules) for SRU's, WHB's, methane reformers, and other specialty ceramic shapes
for use in diverse high temperature and corrosive applications for
over 53 years. Consistent quality, dependable support and delivery, and innovative solutions have enabled us to expand our business world wide.
If your tubesheet refractory lining system has not been redesigned in recent turnarounds, consider letting Industrial Ceramics Limited generate a thermal profile and optimize your reliability with the latest proven technologies, including:
  • Suitability for oxygen-enriched applications.
  • The Two-Part Hexagon Head ferrule (in use for >10 years); for added maintainability, ease of installation, and improved durability in thermal cycling.
  • Custom cut ceramic fiber gaskets and sleeves for increased insulating ability.
  • Variable ferrule shank thickness to accommodate conditions of heavy erosion.
  • Bevels and Tapers to improve gas flow and reduce pressure drop.

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